Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Tate Marketing Rep

Really not trying to monopolize the “conversation” here, but I think in order for you to understand some of my future posts, you need to understand where I’m coming from.

I’m just like everyone else: the laundry is piling up at home, dinner doesn’t cook itself, my husband’s golf shoes scratch our hardwood floors, and my little boys like to track in mud and everything else that should stay outside.

But between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm (CST), I’ve got one thing on my mind:


This focus is carried out in six major arenas:
1)      Company Tasks: various meetings, conferences, etc. within our offices facilitate our day-to-day operations
2)      Customer Service Tasks: as the main contact for my authors, I field questions from how to attach a document to tracking an order to placing an order to making changes to existing, published text---and everything in between.
3)      Author Tasks: mainly research, communication, and doing everything I can to connect with each author personally. This usually requires research on my part to be prepared for representing an author. And this can change from day to day….think about how much YOU change each day. J
4)      Marketing Tasks: keeping track of events, setting up events, sending out press, responding to press, finding press outlets and opportunities, coordinating my team to offer 100% for everything we touch, etc.
5)      Industry Tasks: staying ahead of the ball on publishing, marketing, and social media trends.
6)      Personal Tasks: doing what I can to go above and beyond.

On top of those daily tasks, add the awareness of my goals for this year:
1)      Listen more, talk less: that’s pretty self-explanatory, right?
2)      Branding: assist my authors with branding themselves and building their reputations as experts (Remember: you aren’t an expert because you wrote a book….no, you write a book because you are an expert!)
3)      Big Ideas: look for the big ideas in everyday actions

As most of you know (or can tell from our staff page on our website), we have a HUGE marketing team. The reason we do this is to allow each staff member to do what they do best. For us reps, that means that we’ve mastered each step our team executes, plus taken it to a new level.

For a very bare bones example, I’ve spent time preparing review copy packages to ship before. At the time, it was well within my best capabilities and time usage.

But now, my authors—and my boss!—would much rather me on the phone with a media lead, setting up an event, reviewing marketing material, or brainstorming rather than sticking a stamp on a package.

That doesn’t mean the review copy isn’t important; it just means that someone else is better positioned to complete that task at that time. I’ll save that concept for a later post, but I encourage you to think about it.

I’m held accountable just like every other staff member at our company. Our leadership very wisely installed many checks and balances in our operating system and protocol. This is done to ensure that no one goes unnoticed….that no one is slipping through the cracks…that no one feels alone.

Let’s face it. The publishing industry is a big, bad world out there. I’m not alone….my authors aren’t alone…our company is not alone. It all cycles back to my main focus:


Question: How do your daily tasks enrich your life, meet your focus, and help you achieve your long-term goals?

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