Monday, March 29, 2010

"Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" (by Daft Punk )

One of my most favorite songs is "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" by Daft Punk. Kanye West recently did a remix that is okay, but I like the original better.

Here's a youtube with some choreography to the song by fellow listeners: daft hands The original video accompanies an Anime film clip where aliens become humanized rock stars.

Weird, I know.

I think I really like this song because of the lyrics.  Here they are:
Work It
Make It
Do It
Makes Us
More Than
Work is

Work It Harder Make It Better
Do It Faster, Makes Us stronger
More Than Ever Hour After
Our Work Is Never Over 

I think this is a great attitude to have, regardless of what you are applying it to. You know the saying...."perfect practice makes perfect." The more work you invest, the better your end result will be.

I see authors every day who have forgotten this principle. I see so many would-be writers who sit around hoping for their project to take off, for Oprah to highlight them on her show or add their books to her book club, for Rachel Ray to have them on as guests, for First Lady Obama to endorse the books, etc.

Perhaps I'm a cynical, but I stand by my conviction that until someone puts away hope and instead relies on faith and hard work, that person will never see the results wanted.

Hope and Faith are two different things. I may hope that Prince William would stride into this office, confess his neverending love for me, and whisk me off to London to be his princess.

But do I have faith that will happen? Of course not.

Have you ever heard the story of the man awaiting rescue during a flood? He hears the weather person advise everyone to evacuate. He hunkers down in his house watching everyone drive away to safety.

"God will save me!" he says, shaking his head in concern by the lack of faith he sees in his neighbors.

The rains start to puddle up and soon he's knee deep, then chest deep. He darts up the stairs to the second floor. When the water starts seeping onto the second floor, he climbs onto the roof.

Soon someone in a boat comes by, instructing him to get into the boat promising safety.

"God will save me!" he says, shaking his head in concern by the lack of faith he sees in this random boater.

The water starts to fill up the gutter, splattering onto the roof. A helicopter flies by, throwing down a ladder and life vest for him.

"God will save me!" he says, shaking his head in concern by the lack of faith he sees in this helicopter pilot. Days later, the coast guard finds his body, his hands still clutching his Bible.

Was the man right to wait for God to save him? I guess you can argue that he was allowing God's will to unfold.

But the God I know encourages us to be proactive, not passive. He works in numerous ways, and perhaps God is who sent that weather person, those neighbors, the boat and the helicopter. Perhaps that was God's will, and the man's choice to stay put is what killed him.

I guess we'll never know until we get to heaven.

But I do know this: God wouldn't bring you all the way to this spot (being a published author) and divine for you to sit by, passively letting what happens happen.

It goes against everything he wants us to do. He wants us to "go out into the world and spread the gospel." If you are a Christian and have a message to share, isn't that your personal witness?

I find it interesting that the disciples and missionaries who follow in their footsteps did not idly sit by and wait for the unsaved to come to them. (Can you see the disciples sitting quietly at a table in the marketplace, expecting people to come to the table in interest of what the disciple might have to share?)

The missionary's first objective is to find the people who need to hear their message.

How similar the missionary's life is to the author. Any time you have something new to introduce to people, centuries' worth of experience shows us that NICHE MARKETING---that is, going to those who need to hear the message---is what builds a following, a readership.

I love that Jesus taught this concept to us himself. He had to seek out his disciples. Once he had established his niche and reached out to the people in that niche, they started to spread a word of mouth buzz, and soon the masses were reaching out for him.

In order to be successful at anything, you must follow that same concept.

I'm not ADD, I promise. The song fits in here perfectly.

To market your product, you must do the following:

Reach out HARDER to those in need for your project....

Love BETTER those who respond to your project...

Follow up FASTER with those who consider your project...

and watch your product grow STRONGER in sales.

It's as simple as that. Now, if I could only get the hand motions down in order to make my own daft hands video....

QUESTION: What have you been doing with the message you feel led to share? Are you sitting back, waiting for people to come to you? Or are you seeking them out? What has been most successful for you so far?

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  1. Amanda, I really enjoy reading your thoughts. Keep up the great work! -- Jim Baumgardner, author of the Sarah books.