Monday, March 8, 2010

So I Wrote This Book....Now What?

Congratulations! You finished writing a book. Some of you reading this have already gone through the publication process; some of you haven't. Either way, these are what I believe to be the most important steps you can take now that will serve you well long term.

1) Smile. Pat yourself on the back…you’ve come a long way…and there is still a long road ahead.

2) Take a deep breath. Treat yourself to a day at the spa, or some other favorite indulgence you have. Believe me, you need the emotional boost.

3) Start blogging or posting to your website on a regular basis (I have a list of great resources if you need it!).

4) Create a google alert for different topics/themes of your book so you are notified of the news in relation to those items.

5) When possible, work current events--both local and national--into your posts.

6) Research and create a list of blogs/bloggers who touch on similar themes as you do, or whose audience is similar to the audience for your book. Put together an email list and request book reviews (bcc everyone) in exchange for reviewing their blog on your own blog.

7) Network, network, network. There are tons of resources out there, and multiple approaches you can follow.

There is no magic formula. No one has mastered the formula. Each book, each creation is different, and requires a different approach.

My personal marketing goal when I approach a book is this: build a readership. That is what drives every decision I make. I ask, "Will this give the book/author the chance to expand readership?"

Sometimes the decision might look unconnected...but I promise: it all adds up in the end.

On my weekly "to do" list, I have the following: "Every phone call, step, email, conversation, act, post--EVERYTHING I DO TODAY--should be in pursuit of one of these goals", and I then list my top three goals.

Question: How would you finish this sentence? "Every phone call, step, email, conversation, act, post--EVERYTHING I DO TODAY--should be in pursuit of...."

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