Who Am I?

Some of you have known me for years. Some of you have yet to even speak with me (hey—let’s chat soon. Give me a call).

I want each of you to know who I am and where I’m coming from.

My love for literature began at an early age; in first grade I was reading my brother’s books and writing reports (my first experience writing reviews! Ha)…he was in seventh grade.

When the love of my life proposed, God laid out a completely different path for me. I’d like to say I accepted it without questioning him, but I didn’t. I’m only human. But I did accept it, and the next year saw me married and living in Oklahoma City (which I never thought I’d do!).

The mainstays of my life right now are reading, baking, volunteering (through my involvement in a few social & philanthropic organizations), spending time with friends and family, and mothering my two little four-legged babies: Barron Darcy and Tycoon Bingley (Catahoula Leopard Dogs: they have godparents, birthday parties, and their own room).

We make a lovely little family, I must say. Barron has my personality, and Tycoon is just like my husband. They are nearly three years old, and I am so proud of them!

My favorite television shows are LOST (sadly this is now over), GLEE, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, and BIG BANG THEORY. My favorite movies are mostly the old classics, although I love Drew Barrymore's recent HBO film GREY GARDENS.

My husband and I eat out constantly (dining is a hobby for us!), so I can certainly point you to the best food in OKC.

If I had to identify myself with a character from a movie, it would probably be Bette Midler's character on the latest version of STEPFORD WIVES: loud, obnoxious, creative, and completely oblivious to domestic chores. Much to my husband's delight, I am working on increasing my domestic skills. But sometimes, it's just easier to hire someone to cook, clean, or do the laundry.

The main food groups, in my opinion, are Chocolate, Bread, Bacon, and Cheese. That’s really all you need to survive….well, that, and Diet Dr Pepper. Note that none of those require much preparation! :)

Personality tests show that relationships are my number one concern, and I most enjoy playing the role of Encourager. This means that I take it personally when I’ve disappointed someone—that to me is the definition of failure, which my brain tells me is not a wise perception—and sometimes I struggle to leave work at work.

I tend to always have an ongoing list of projects, and I’m very deadline oriented. I tend to over-commit myself personally, and the hardest thing for me to do is keep my house presentable for company (my house, by the way, is a 1929 historic estate. The original 1929 Jewett refrigerator system, which was built into our kitchen, has recently been restored and works like a charm).

Through my life experiences, I’ve grown to be what I call a cynic. Most others correct me and inform me that I am merely a realist.

Regardless, I am a walking contradiction, as I tend to live my life by this statement: it never hurts to ask. Even though I anticipate the worst (and usually am right), I have enough optimism to consider the possibilities of what COULD happen. That’s probably the artistic side within me.

I’m five feet tall (husband is 6’4”), but let me tell you: loud things come in small packages. Wait---I mean...oh, who am I kidding. What I lack in height I make up for in personality. I give everything 110%, or else it’s not worth doing (in my opinion).

Well, that's ME. Hope you like the version of me that I see.